I roamed

Looking for something….nothing?

Oh!but where are all the “happy ever after”s?

The “love is a beautiful thing”s?

The “fight for what you want”s?
I think i found something

It feels good

Feels like home

Dont wonna let go

I am uncertain about its condition

But i think it likes me too

I think we like each other

I think we want to be together

I think we want to have some beach time together.

Some pillow fights and cooking “jollof” together.

I think we want to raise our kids together

We like the same things

We hate the same things
I thought it was fear i saw

I thought it was uncertainty i felt

I thought it was something else

But it was true,a greater force just had better plans.

It hurts ,it is sad.But i wont want to loose this gift over anything.I know its worth and i am going to be there.


I think i am back now,to solitude……i guess.


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