Our Wedding

I looked at her

She was all i could see

Her eyes that break my walls

Her smile that makes me feel belonged

Her embrace,priceless!

We stood on that stage,the world,our world

And just savoured the moment for whence

It may never come again.

Surrounded by mistakes and self-righteous critics,

Her loving and forgiving arms was my forever abode.

I made bad choices before I met her ,

She found out and still loved me.

Do I deserve this? No! But I have it anyway,love .One that can only come from God.

Still wandering in our escape

Voices in our head,

they became persistent,

Very persistent!

“Mark! Jane! Where are you?”

Awake! from our world,

now faced with an expectant group of what looked like wedding guests.

We just wanted to be together,

no fuss,no noise ,nothing.

Just us…for just a day

My bride and I ,eloped but were found anyway!





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