In their shoes..

If only you knew


I am sorry

I am sorry for being such a pain

I am sorry you think i do not want to work

I am sorry


I am sorry i did not get the chance to explain to you why i needed that penny

I am sorry i could not get close to you enough ,

as my stench could spoil your day.

I am sorry for being human enough to want some food.

I am sorry I got evicted from my apartment on short notice .

I am sorry I have no family in town.

I am sorry I needed some money to take the  bus ,

as i was picked.


I  am sorry i need that money to start something,

in order to stop begging.

I am sorry i cant afford the luxury of changing my cloths.

I am sorry i cant afford to bath everyday .

I am sorry i lost a loved one.

I am sorry you think i am a bother.



Be thankful for what you have 


I was walking down the road ,

late in the night .

Then i saw them.

They had very little.

A box turned into a sleeping mat,

pieces of cloth, hand-sewn together for warmth.

One pair of shoes which could be used as a strainer,

Approximately no bath for a week and no hair cut in forever.


I saw them,waiting for the stores to close

so they can have their resting place,

in the open.

They hardly noticed it  when people looked at them.

They just avoided eye contact .

But i noticed one peculiar thing.

They were grateful for every single thing they had and cherished their little possessions.


They said thank you when assisted,

They said sorry when they offended,

They valued human interactions.

They only have,themselves to love.

To others they may be broke,needy,”beggars”etc

But i see are a bunch of strong people who have managed to survive despite their need for fundamental human needs.

They are humans like you,don’t miss treat them.




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