When you smile

when i see those lit up eyes

when i see you running towards me

when you love me with your presence

I am content.

I notice the lingering stares.

I feel your warmth even when you not here .

I don’t see anything but you, when you are around .

I feel the hand squeeze

I hear the whisper(Everything will be okay)

And i am just content.

When you say “i love you ” with your eyes

your smile

your jokes

your hugs

when you get the door for me

when you always seize the opportunity to hug me and just hold me

when you always make sure there is a smile on my face.

I am content.

When we cook together

window shop and just have fun

run through the streets ,eyes only on me

the worry on your face when i am upset

the eagerness to help me through my assignments

the great career advice

I am content.

When you sing to me

when we watch my movies you hate(horror) and i try to calm you

when you rest your head on my shoulders and fall asleep

oh! that peaceful face i see just makes me content.

i could go on and on…

Sweetheart,all that it takes  to make me content is genuine love and that is you.


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