The Land cries.(1)

Why are you dry?

Why are you crying for food?

Why have you given everything out?

Why is there just little for you?

Why my children,why?

Africa cries.


A land filled with resources thicker than the globe’s coating,

enough to feed all generations to come.

A land , embraced with rich mineral resources to ornament your kings and queens

To make your wives and daughters glow

To make your buildings stronger.

Why must you bathe in penury.

I am no coward!Why then, do you succumb  my Children!


My heart aches as i speak to you .

I shudder at the sight of  your numerous mistakes, drawing you deeper into slavery.

Yes! slavery.You deceive yourselves of gaining independence,

But from where i sit,you have gained nothing!


What a shame.What a shame!

I sleep not at night,for i am bursting with untapped resources .

I worry because foreigners know me better than you do.

I pray that your warm seats  get cold soon.

Help me rest ,help me ….



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