Pain stared me in the face

Watched me wince with every blink

dreaded its dominion on me

Imagined its thrill at the thought of it

I always doubted it was smooth

Yes! there were rocks

But never thought would stumble

and fall this hard .

Hurt i was ,but not only physical

Emotional and physical it was

Pain took over…rejoicing

in its victory.

Sad it is ,the one i least expect

My heart he knew ,my mind he read

my soul he possessed.

Love conquereth  all indeed!

Pain still staring down at me

ready to devour

i looked up into the heavens and whispered

“i forgive you love ” the easiest yet hardest

i have ever done .

In a beautiful white  garden of roses

pain approached me without warning

from behind “my love ” stabbed me .

In my face he looked

and twisted the dagger deeper into my heart

Upon him i smiled,and whispered :i love you dear”

Lying in my own blood  …twas warm and cold

i love him , even in my last breathe

I did a fore i knew him ,while i knew him and forever.

Heartbroken? Yes!

Sad? Very !

But in all i would still have him by me anytime.


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